Hello and welcome!

This is the shiny new www.jonathanagar.com! I have been planning a little restructuring here for a while and here it is, the face-lifted and tummy-tucked version of my website. It is now trimmer, slimmer and even better. If only the dieting were so successful. Oh- I forgot- I don’t diet…

I grew up in the rolling hills of the English countryside. The cricket pitch was behind our house and I spent my youth either hitting balls into our greenhouse or picking them out from between the broken glass and tomatoes. I played the violin, piano and french horn and when I wasn’t practicing I was playing music so it was never quiet in my room. I sang in the church choir and worked in the local pub which was the sum of the social life in our village. It is glorious there and I love going home. But life moved on and I wanted more so after finishing school I moved to London to study.

University was fun but as soon as I realised that they wanted me to work I left to at least earn some money for my troubles. I started to train as a chef, which meant I washed pots and got shouted at a lot, I was a trainee manager of a flash wine bar with a cool name in the City and then I joined the Home Office. Had I not left after 5 years I would either still be there now stamping passports or I would be a politician. I am glad I am not doing either to be honest. I hate politics, the ink ruined so many of my shirts and all I wanted to do was to wear make-up and sing!

I have been living and performing in Germany now for over 15 years and I love my life. I have no idea what the next 15 years and more will bring but I am very excited about the future while loving and living in the here and now. Carpe Diem people – I can recommend it!


birthday: May 02nd, 1971
place of birth: England
voice: tenor/baritone
height: 180 cm
eyes: blue
hair: blond