Hello and welcome!

My name is Jonathan Agar. I have been living in Germany for 15 years working as a singer and actor on stage and in the studio.

I have been doing voice-overs for the last 3 years and have recorded some demos so you can hear what my voice can do for you and your production. I have worked on image films, short films, audio books, language courses and children’s books using different voices and accents including Oxford, East London, West Country, Scottish and American English (Mid-Atlantic).

I also translate. So if you want the text, dialogues or printed material checking through I can correct any mistakes before they are sent to print or recorded in the studio.

You can contact me directly at  jon@jonathanagar.com.



Here are a few demos for you to have a listen to what I can offer you and your project.I think you might enjoy the sound bites and I hope to be hearing from you soon.
Commercial Demo
Corporate Demo
Hard Sell Demo
Soft Sell Demo



Jonathan Agar
Singer • Voice Over Artist

Nellingerstraße 9/3D-73760 Ostfildern
Mobile: +49 170 / 944 3947 • E-Mail: jon@jonathanagar.com • Internet: www.jonathanagar.com


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